Frequently Asked Questions about Camp Ramah Darom

Q. What makes Camp Ramah Darom unique?
A. By offering campers and staff an inclusive atmosphere of friendship and fun in an experiential Jewish living and learning environment, we provide an extraordinary summer experience unlike anywhere else. In addition to esteemed athletics and art programs, campers find a caring approach to social, intellectual and personal growth. Our campers and staff tell us Camp Ramah Darom feels like a “second home,” and is where they “feel like they just fit in.” It is our inclusive community in which campers are encouraged to embrace their authentic selves that makes us so special. Our campers walk away inspired, confident and energized to contribute to their communities and live meaningful lives.

Q. What ages does Camp Ramah Darom serve?
A. We offer several programs that are based on the upcoming school grade of your child. Children entering the 3rd grade may participate in our one-week “Taste of Ramah” program. Campers entering the 4th-5th grades may enroll in our four-week long program, while campers in 6th-10th grade may elect to attend for either four or eight weeks. Our 11th grade program, Gesher, is a summer-long program that incorporates leadership, counselor training, and a 12-day trip along the east coast. We also offer three five-day family camp programs during the year for families with “campers” in 3rd grade and below.

Q. In what kind of program and activities will my child participate this summer?
A. The daily schedule is packed with a variety of fun and exciting activities. Camp Ramah is the ultimate summer experience! From arts, sports and boating to trips and outdoor adventures, we have something for everyone.

Q. What are the requirements for staff that apply to work at camp? What is the camper to staff ratio?
A. We hand-pick the highest quality staff members, many of whom grew up in the Ramah Darom family, to join our team. Our staff members come from the finest colleges, are leaders in their communities and have a strong sense of Jewish values. Our ratio of campers to staff is 2:1, which helps us ensure that each individual camper receives personal attention.

Q. Are there scholarships and/or financial assistance available from Camp Ramah Darom?
A. Ramah Darom is committed to ensuring that any parent has the opportunity to provide his or her child with the Ramah Darom experience. While the majority of financial assistance comes from local sources, Ramah Darom does provide limited scholarships. We encourage you to speak to your rabbi, contact your local federation and ask community leaders about funding opportunities in your area. We also offer payment plans. For those needing additional assistance you may contact our office to obtain a financial aid application.

Q. What type of contact will I have with my child?
A. Children are encouraged to write home on a daily basis. Parents may also communicate with their children through letters and a one-way email system.

A major goal of the summer camping experience is to build independence and self reliance. Therefore, direct phone contact is not permitted. In order to assist parents in communicating with the camp and checking on the status of their children, the camp maintains a staff of parent liaisons. This group consists of parents, teachers, social workers and other professionals who have extensive experience in working with children. The parent liaisons will answer any questions you have about your child’s summer. Messages left for parent liaisons will be returned within 24 hours.

Q. Are parents permitted to visit camp?
A. Due to the short length of each camp session, we are not able to offer a visiting day. However, those of you who would like to see camp have the option to bring and/or pick up your child on arrival and departure days. If your child is staying all summer, you may pick him/her up during the two-day intersession period.

Q. Is camp able to accommodate my child’s food allergies?
A. We work very hard to accommodate children with special dietary needs. Many of our campers have various dietary constraints from lactose intolerance to peanut allergies, and our talented Executive Chef ensures all children have delicious, healthy menu options that cater to their dietary needs. You may alert us to special dietary needs by submitting a special diet request form so that we can ensure that your child receives all the special accommodations that he/she requires.

Q. What is the Kashrut policy at Camp Ramah Darom?
A. Camp Ramah Darom keeps to the strictest hallachic dietary laws. All meals served at camp are kosher. We maintain separate meat and dairy kitchens, which are overseen by rabbis and comply with the highest standards of kashrut. All ingredients within our kitchens, as well as the cooking process, are supervised by our camp mashgiach (supervisor) and are in compliance with the strictest dietary laws.

Q. What medical facilities do you have on premises?

A. During the summer, our infirmary is staffed at all times with two physicians and three nurses. These skilled professionals are available to provide routine care and to respond to emergencies. Medications are distributed during meal times from our mini infirmary. If your child requires emergency medical service, there are three hospitals within an hour radius of camp.

Q. How do campers get to camp?
A. Our campers come from 11 southeastern states, and many fly to Atlanta, where they are met by our staff and transported to camp. Also, many parents drive their campers directly to camp.

Q. What kind of security does the camp have?
A. During the summer, our camp is guarded 24 hours a day. We have a team of Israeli security staff that work together with off-duty local law enforcement to patrol inside and outside the camp.

Q. Where can I apply?
A. Please click here to apply to camp now, or contact our office at 404-531-0801 for more information.