For Campers

Sure, we have an amazing athletics program boasting brand-new bikes and hockey sticks, and an award-winning arts curriculum with everything from pottery wheels to glass blowing. Our campers take awesome outdoor adventure trips, run their own radio station and even make their own food from our organic garden. And we have pet goats!

But do you want to know the real reason why our campers tell us they come back to Camp Ramah Darom, year after year?

It’s not because of the big “blob” we have in our lake that you can jump off of (although that’s pretty cool), or because you get to do things like eat s’mores around a campfire with your best friends (although that’s cool, too)!

It’s because Camp Ramah Darom is where our campers say they feel like they can really be themselves. This is the place where campers say they feel their best, and where they make their best friends. They come back, year after year, because the minute camp ends they can’t wait to rejoin the amazing community of fun staff, cool activities and life-changing trips we offer.

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