“It is a matter of immense responsibility that we have undertaken to instill…the will to be Jews today, tomorrow and for ever and ever.”
– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Our new Vision articulates what is at the heart of everything we do at Ramah Darom:

“Ramah Darom: Exceptional experiences in Jewish living and learning for youth, adults, families and communities.”

The manifestation of this vision depends upon your continued commitment and support. Ramah Darom receives no government assistance. Our funding depends entirely upon tuition, fees and charitable gifts.

When you donate to Ramah Darom, you are investing in a Jewish future. Ramah Darom presents a rare opportunity for each of us to support an endeavor that will have a dramatic impact on the lives – present and future – of all Jewish people in the South. Please join with us and invest in a strong Jewish future by making a donation to Ramah Darom today.

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