“Camp Ramah creates an indescribable bond to our children’s Judaism.  We live in a tiny Southern town and there are very few Jewish children.  But, our children are so proud of who they are and welcome any and all discussion because they are so well-informed and so comfortable with who they are.  All thanks to Ramah Darom!”

“We live in an area where there is not a large Jewish presence.  It is a challenge to be a Jewish teen when you are so different from everyone else.  Camp Ramah allows my daughter to fit in – she loves being somewhere where everyone is Jewish and where everyone else has the same beliefs that she does.  This is a HUGE part of building her Jewish identity.”

“Camp Ramah greatly excels at creating a sense of Jewish identity, community and pride.  It also seems to instill or at least reinforce the notion that Jewish children can and should be leaders.”

“My daughter’s first experience away from home and at camp was so positive and rewarding!  I think this was the result of Camp Ramah Darom’s multi-layered strength:  Creating a nurturing, inclusive environment filled with campers and staff who LOVE to be at camp and who love being Jewish.”

“This was my child’s first time at Ramah and everyone from staff to campers made her feel welcome, happy and gave her a sense of belonging.”

“The kids and counselors are so warm and inviting — it is obvious to me that the counselors’ sole purpose during the summer is to make sure that these kids have an extraordinary experience.”

“Ramah Darom is simply an amazing community of fun, loving, and talented people – from staff to kids! If only the rest of the year and the rest of the world could be like Camp Ramah! You guys do such an amazing job I don’t know how to express just how impressed I am with the entire operation – from the top leadership, to the counselors, to the kitchen staff and everything in between. Thank you for allowing our family to be part of yours.”

“My son is raving about his counselors and his life at camp. He has never returned so happy to discuss camp with us. He constantly speaks of the relationship building the staff worked on in the cabin, and had a smile on his face in every picture.”

“Ramah Darom’s major strength is the individuals who comprise the camp…campers, staff, counselors, and camp leadership. While the campers have a great time at the activities, it is the friends and counselors that we hear about afterward. Certain counselors had a huge impact on each of my campers this year.”

“Camp Ramah Darom’s major strength is in creating community. During intercession, we met my daughter at the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall), and I was so impressed to hear how the camp leadership created such a sense of community. Though I only have Camp Ramah Darom to judge, I can’t imagine other camps instilling those values in our kids. What Ramah truly give our kids is a place to feel safe and at home. Thank you for taking such good care of our children!”

“My daughter considers Ramah her second home and thrives in the camp environment. She loves being immersed in Judaism and particularly loves Shabbat and Havdallah at camp. She has expressed an interest in going on the Ramah Israel program, and I know she wouldn’t have wanted to look into this if she hadn’t had such a moving experience.”